Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fauladi Singh aur Dr. John ka Atank ( Diamond Comics)

Fauladi SinghFrom Wikipedia,

Fauladi Singh was a popular science fiction comic character in India in the decades of seventies and eighties,known as the protector of mankind.The comic was ahead of its times, at least, considering the cartoon/comic scene in India in the early eighties.
Plot SummaryOn a small island in the Indian ocean was located the laboratory of Dr John, an exceptional scientist, who empowered Fauladi Singh alias Faulad with supernatural powers and gave him a dress that protects him on earth and in space.
His friend, Lambu, who had turned shorter (barely nine inches) after drinking a potion made by Dr John, assists him in his space operations. Dr John, Faulad and Lambu along with Dorf rocket (that works on its own), master computers Bharat and Antarikshak, safeguard earth from aliens and attacks from other galaxies, neighbouring hostile planets et al.
OriginThe Fauladi Singh series was initially written by Rajiv in Diamond Comics but it achieves its greatest success when Ashu started writing it and the illustrations were made by Jugal Kishor. The Diamond Comics group's other popular comics included Chacha Bhatija, Lambu Motu, Tauji, Chacha Chaudhari, Rajan Iqbal and Ankur.
This comic is scaned by Meraj (@Only) and Edited by me.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Maut ka Aspatal - Ram Rahim (Manoj Comics)

From Wikipedia:
Ram-Rahim was the first and most popular characters to appear on Manoj Comics,a popular comics strip in India . Ram and Rahim were two different characters playing role of secret agents.
In most of the stories their job will be to save the world from a wicked scientist or an enemy of their nation. A typical story will feature their mission to bring back a stolen secret file from the villain's den, before it reaches the enemy nation.
The choice of character's name as Ram and Rahim was also contributing towards religious harmony among children. Ram is a Hindu name while Rahim is a Muslim name. Both will have tremendous friendship and both will work together to save the world.
Children used to wait for summer holidays in the late 80s and early 90s for special editions of Ram-Rahim's and Crookbond's comics during summer holidays.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Aatma Ke Chor-Super Commando Dhruv (Raj Comics)

SUPER COMMANDO DHRUV was born to trapeze artists Shyam (father) and Radha (mother) in Jupiter circus. He was brought up in the circus amongst circus artists and animals. He learnt various skills from circus artists and developed skills to talk to animals and birds there.
Super Commando Dhruva comics series has all the ingredients of modern day pot boiler involving suspense, science fiction and Dhruva's agility and wisdom.

Super Commando Dhruva is an Indian comic character created by Anupam Sinha and published by Raj Comics. His first appearance was in Issue No 74, “Pratishodh Ki Jwala”. In the first story itself that Dhruva's parents have been murdered by a villain named Jubisco and Dhruva in his rage of fury vows to take revenge and ultimately avenges his parent's death by killing Jubisco.

Dhruva is a Sanskrit name which means the center or axis, and that center remains constant irrespective of things going around. Dhruva is shown as a handsome young guy having a well toned muscular body. Unlike other comic heroes he does not posses much superpower. The only special power he has is the ability to comprehend the language of birds and animals, which can be attributed to the fact that he was born and brought up in Jupiter Circus and spend a lot of time with animals. The animals and bird are his major allies as they constantly report the crimes which take place in the fictional city of Raj Nagar where Dhruva lives with his foster family.
He is proficient in all major types or martial arts and is good in hand to hand combat. He has great analytic power which helps him in looking for clues at a crime scene and following and nabbing villains. On a number of occasions it is shown that he triumphed over villains more powerful than him by using his wits. He can also breathe under water after his friend Dhananjay gifted him this ability. Dhruva has vowed not to kill anyone so he usually disarm or disable his enemies by using any object found close to him. In the stories he is paired with other heroes, he is always the one who comes with ideas to counter the villains using the powers of other heroes wisely.
To prevent crime in the fictional city of Raj Nagar he patrols every night on his special motor cycle. Dhruva never uses disguise and is shown as wearing a yellow and blue colored dress. He heads a small team founded by himself, called Commando Force, which helps him in fighting crime in Raj Nagar. The other members of the team are Karim, Peter, and Renu.
Shweta who is his foster-sister and a science student helps Dhruva with technical aspect of fighting crime. She has given him Star Transmitter, special boots which can become skates, and Star Line which is a rope which helps him in moving in the style of Batman. He also has Star-Blades which are blades in shapes of stars.
Dhruva is adopted by I.G. Rajan after murder of his parents. He lives with his foster parents in Raj Nagar and has Shweta as his foster sister. Shweta leads a life of double identity. In real life she is shown as a sweet girl with not much liking for adventures. But she has saved Dhruva's life on many occasions under the disguise of Chandika (name of a Hindu goddess). Dhruva has no idea about the real identity of Chandika.
Dhruva has appeared in a number of comics along with Nagraj and the pair is very popular. His friends include Black Cat, Dhananjay, Vanputra, Samri, Lori and Commander Natasha who is also his love interest. Some of his main enemies are Grand Master Robo, Chumba, Mahamanv, Chandakaal, NastreDamus and Super Nova.
I'll Post all old comics of Dhruv and will try to keep them in order.
How did you find this comic and will you like to see Dhruv appear here regularly ? Please post your suggestions and comments.

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Chandamama (November 1950)

I have edited and uploaded few them in past that's why here i am providing them in random order. Once those 5 links are uploaded here, i'll continue in the order of their month and year.
Please let me know how do you find these Chandamama from Golden Age ?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Neel Kamal (Raj Comics Misc.)

Raj Comics used to publish this Jaadu and Tilism series till mid 90s but later they completely stop the series.
What was wrong with them ? they are still more interesting as compared to any super hero series.
I am still trying to find an answer....

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Chandamama - April 1959

Dear Friends, I am starting a new series of oldies from Today which will include Magazines such as Chanda Mama,Nandan,Parag,Lotpot,Balhans etc.
This is First Post of the series and i'll wait for yor comments on this..
Though Few Chandamama are available in PDF format online but my uploads will be diferent in terms of quality and size. For example this one was in PDF and size was more than 60 MB but i have enhanced the quality and reduced the size to 12 MB only !!!!!
in near future you'll find more and more similar books here...
Waiting for your comments....atleast i must know if my efforts are being liked and utilized by someone or i am just playing a one sided game .....